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Old name was: "Why do witches burn?"

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I am often asked where my nickname comes from. Here’s the explanation.
From now on, when you ask me, you shall cowardly forward you here.

I don’t know for English people, must most French make the mistake, the « g » of Salagir is pronounced like in « git », not like in « geek ».

Long ago, when I was young and innocent, that I was not even perverted by Unix, Windows, and even Dragon Ball … my short before I was 10 years old, I was already a comics fan, and I drew (badly) comics.

My first comic strip, the beginning of a long saga, had for main character, something round and light blue, with three sticky legs like iron wires. This way, I would have no difficulty drawing it for hundreds of pages. Wasn’t it thoughtful?

This hero was called Glouton Hizmé. This shitty name was because the character’s body was nothing but a mouth and eyes, it would like to eat a lot, so glutton (Glouton). And each character would be called Glouton Something, like the Smurfs.

And why Hizmé ? Because in a french Comic (The Observers of the Earth, a good read), once we see Enzymes in action, and that they were heads, much like Pacman, who still looked a lot to a Glutton to me! Then I changed Enzymes to Hizmé that sounds really better.

Here are some totally exclusive images. It’s indeed my very first BD. I estimate that I was 7.

I used the name of this character as the name of a amateur fanzine that I did alone for several years, which has not benefited more than 10 or 15 readers, mostly family.
The newspaper Glouton Hizmé was monthly and was 4 then 6 pages long.
Image on left: discovering the computer, I drew Hizmé again, and in 3D (thanks to sphere)

When in high school, I discovered the joys of the internet, I made a site on, and my login was then hizme (without the é), in short, that was my nickname.
I thought the name was invented, no one else would have it, and one day, I checked on a search engine. And then, amazement: the word exists in some language is also a surname, and even a city!

So I decided to change my nickname. I looked at my notebook that contained the drawings and the names of all my characters. And then the bad guys: they are black creatures created by the dissolution of a very powerful being. They are names Rajores, Idrogear, Serojar … and the original being …. Salagir!

Here is Salagir. The bad guy who fought Hizme was Rajores, the top left of the list, that you will see by clicking on the image.

Is Salagir in my mind still that dark demon? Not really, I guess I’ll tell you more in another post ;)

Small check on the net: no Salagir, for all the search engines. Perfect.

Now when you look for Salagir on the net, you can only find ME!!!

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