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Easy page setting for scenarists

Le dimanche, juin 6th, 2010

This page is for the cartoonists who will work with me as a scenarist. I explain here my methods. When I write a page, I do it panel per panel. Each panel is separated by two line return, and each information is on a new line. Description, each said sentence… Example : Broly and Goku […]

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I am often asked where my nickname comes from. Here’s the explanation. From now on, when you ask me, you shall cowardly forward you here. I don’t know for English people, must most French make the mistake, the « g » of Salagir is pronounced like in « git », not like in « geek ». Long ago, when I was […]

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Make comics balloons with Photoshop

Le mercredi, août 12th, 2009

Translation of my tutorial on how to make a speaking balloon on your comics easily. In your image, create a layer on the top, fill it with white paint, and name it « balloons ». Then, go to the menu Layer > Vector Mask > Hide All After, take the Ellipse tool tips in the vector drawings […]

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English version

Le lundi, juillet 28th, 2008

English blog, opened ! And it’s post number 42, which is cool. My blog needed an english version, because I put my scripts here, and it would be too sad if only french people used them. I won’t translate my others posts thought, for the most part because I’m lazy. Anticipate about one post every […]

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