Why do witches burn?

Because they’re made of wood, like bridges, and so float on water, like churches, very small rocks, gravy, and a duck.

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Even in PHP 5, this old security params is activated by default, and I hate it. It’s Magic Quote. When this flag is On, then vars in cookies, from a form or a url, are automatically « escaped ». It means that backslashes are added before some special characters. Primary: the simple quote. Example : my script […]

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The 1468456th PHP class that overloads mysql

Le vendredi, août 15th, 2008

My first code is totally uninteresting for real developers, but I will use this class often in my next scripts, so you need to know a little about this class. Plus, it’s certainly a rip-off of PHP 5 mysql class, but well, I still use 4. It still can do a few good things. Good […]

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